My Recommendation’s

My recommendation’s on what to read. At the moment none of these are paid endorsements, these are simply things that I enjoy.

More will be added soon!


The Martian

By Andy Weir

How could I not recommend this? It’s the close future, and we’re on Mars! It’s a unique blend of Man vs. Nature, comedy, and hard science. Not to mention some space piracy and potatoes. If you’ve not yet read this, read it now!

Red Mars

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Now, this is a series you will either love or hate. I’ve not yet met anyone in the middle. Politics, Hard(ish) science and colonists descending on the Red planet details what would happen if we seriously wanted to colonize the red planet. A little technical and long winded at times, along with an enormous cast of characters can bring it down slightly.

Spinward Fringe

By Randolph Lalonde

A space opera, pure and simple. Also dominated in large by the rule of cool and deus ex machina plot developments. I dropped off reading it after the first few books, it had some fun ideas and concepts but many of them are aborted or dropped before they can take off. The first book is free, and it does have its moments so give it a look.


By Steven Gould

What fun, what adventures would you have if you had the ability to teleport to anywhere you had ever been? What if you had to use those powers to escape an abusive home, and perhaps build your own life? Those are all of the challenges that Davy must face and more! It’s a fun series which get’s a little outlandish towards the end in a good way.

Very much worth a read in my opinion!

So You Want to be A Wizard? 

By Diane Duane

So, this is one that I grew up with and started reading from a young age. It does like Harry Potter start off rather juvenile and develop. Something it is incredibly self-aware of, the first books are all big boss battles with clear cut villains and heroes, but further along things become more grey, and realistic. Frustrating the young wizards whom are growing up.

Other great things about this series is how ‘gods’ for all intents and purposes are handled. They are all powerful and timeless, but to interact in reality they must limit themselves. The magic used is also very much explained, it’s essentially programming. Spell circles are written and planned, then executed. A small wizardry makes the user feel as if they ran up a flight of stairs, while the larger ones can utilize an external power source – A star for example.

Comics / Manga / Visual Novels

Sunstone – NSFW

By Stjepan Šejić

Porn, Lesbians, Leather, and BDSM.

You would think the result would be a vapid story, but this is the exact opposite. Sunstone is a Romance which just so happens to have the above elements in spades, and combined with fantastic artwork it’s a must see, especially when it’s free online!

Two people struggling to find love and acceptance in one another’s arms, and also in leather outfits with whips and other toys. It’s fun and also very much NSFW.

The above link is to the deviantart pages of the comic which are free, more polished versions of the art / story can be bought.

Nana to Kaoru – NSFW

By Ryuta Amazume

No link for this one, it’s in the moral grey area of Japanese scanlations with no official English release.

This involves, once again BDSM. It’s the conduit through which two idiotic teenagers can express their love for one another. Both think the other isn’t worthy of themsleves and in typical dramatic fashion they fall on swords for one another time and time again. It’s a frustrating if rewarding relationship, each strives to improve themselves. If only so they might live up to what they think the other deserves.

I want to push the two of them together and say kiss already.

Dresdon Codak

By Aaron Diaz

The singularity, robots, time travel, and the theory of mind? This comic has gone through several iterations and reworkings over the years, so my advise would be this. Read it, accept what’s on the page and move on. If their is an overall story holding everything together I can’t see it yet. Which also means time travel might be at work.

Flipside – NSFW

By Brion Foulke


By Ashley Cope

Twokinds – semi NSFW

By Tom Fischbach

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