The C1764 Universe


Species C1764

Rising Titans

Life With an Alien Girlfriend

The Valiant Few


  1. Finding myself checking multiple times on Friday for an update – it’s a great story. Looking forward to more of C1764 and True Master

  2. Like Ray checking on Friday. And yes GREAT Story’s

  3. In valiant few ch 9 there is a line about reactor mass and minimum and pointing away form the patrol (should be from, not form). Ch 10 mentions shielding that is “tow” meters think instead of “two”. Throughout the series, the word “their” is used repeatedly incorrectly instead of “there”. Just fyi

  4. I’m going to be read as a negative nancy but is this really hfy or empire-fy? It seems you are handing everything over the empire which includes the nanites, stronger hulls, some of the human ftl, and now gatekeeper. This wouldn’t feel like much of a problem except for the fact you keep nuking the human side taking out both Arik and Lincoln because they were too “op”. Well now humanity feels too outclassed.

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